Facebook give away

As my page just rolled 500 likes I've decided to do something special, a multi tier give away with multiple levels dedicated to a certain page like total by March 1st!

USA members only! Sorry no international shipping

Shipping is covered on all Tiers!

Tier 1 700 likes: prize .5 inch c perezmilesi!

Tier 2 1000 likes: prize 3 inch female p murinus rcf!

Tier 3 1500 likes: prize 4.5 inch female g pulchripes!

Tier 4 2500 likes: B boehemi breeding pair!
4.5 inch female
2 inch male

Tier 5 beyond 2500:  ??????

To qualify you must like the Facebook page South side exotics to be entered you must contact me thru website stating Facebook name that liked account!